Time Out

So, as many may have noticed, the site’s been a little light the last few weeks.

This seems to happen every year. Summer is such a busy time, both at the theaters and in my home life, that I usually find myself in need of a break around mid-August. This year was no exception. In addition to being bombarded by a summer movie season that was increasingly disappointing, things around the home hit a fever pitch the last few weeks. We had job issues, potential moves, day care rescheduling, new routines to get used to and the usual hectic nature of summer. And the writing just had to stop for a bit. Even though this happens every year around this point, I never seem to anticipate it, so I didn’t have anything planned and, about two weeks ago, decided to take a break until after Labor Day so we could get used to all the changes around our house.

It’s possible I may start ramping up the writing later this week–I do have thoughts on “The Campaign,” “The Raid: Redemption” and “Expendables 2” to share. And, in light of the recent Sight and Sound lists and all the discussions pertaining to that, I’ve been compiling my own list of my 20 favorite films. Hopefully late this week or early next week we’ll get that. And then, starting after Labor Day, we’ll be in the thick of my favorite film time of the year, as all the year-end pics begin to roll in.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying many of the discussions on podcasts like Filmspotting, AV Club and other sites that talk about older films. And I’d like to find a way to increase the talk about older movies, favorite directors, etc. I’m hoping to launch into that early in 2013, but I’ll probably start feeling out a new approach soon. With sites like Netflix and Hulu, our access to older, often forgotten movies has vastly expanded, and it opens up the opportunity to talk about them away from the hype, box office expectations and onslaught of critical reviews.

It’s a bit difficult sometimes to do this alongside a full-time career and family responsibilities, but I’ve enjoyed the way discussion has grown this past year and look forward to the way it continues to grow.



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